Lead Aggregation – An Edge Maintaining Essential


Price comparison websites: great for consumers, better for your business

Price comparison websites might be relatively new on the scene, but they’re quickly making their mark as a consumer phenomenon here to stay. Around the world, many businesses are tapping into price comparison sites’ ability to generate high-volume, quality leads at a relatively low cost for their business. Read on for why you should consider doing the same.


Direct Response Ads Today, Direct Results Tomorrow

To be successful in direct response advertising, it is essential to obtain the credentials of your target group based on the type of direct response device you intend to use. Online lead generation allows you to not only identify potential target customers, but to contact them directly with the offer of your choosing.


Telemarketing is not dead, but it does need a critical update

When selling a high-value product or service, it’s tempting to call your leads directly to engage in a one-on-one phone conversation. While our world continues to move towards omnipresent automation, telemarketing can seem like an archaic approach – especially when lists are low-quality, leads question your authenticity and agents stray from proper protocols. But all is not lost; telemarketing is still a valuable medium if you take these steps to future-proof your approach.  


No lead left unfollowed – follow-up tips for SMBs

Ask any experienced sales professional about their key to a success and most of them will tell you roughly the same thing: it pays to be persistent (and we mean that literally).