LeadMagnet is our in-house lead generation platform, an AI optimized lead-management platform which provides both us as well as our clients with all the required tools in order to create, manage, track and optimize online lead generation campaigns and funnels, providing maximum performance in doing so.

All data is properly validated before it’s stored safely and GDPR compliant to our encrypted databases, through which all data can be properly managed, analyzed and distributed to other CRM systems via our enhanced API data distribution technology.

1. Funnel Builder

Fully customizable, mobile-optimized and modular templates for landingpages and survey funnels

2. Validation

Worldwide data validation systems for addresses, e-mail, phone numbers, name, IP and geolocation

3. Pixel Tracking

Knowing exactly which click from which publisher, converts where

4. AI Lead Scoring

Qualifying which leads are valuable and which ones aren’t

5. Lead Storage

Fully end-to-end encrypted database

6. Security & Compliance

End-to-end encryption from landing pages to platform, generated and stored within the guidelines of local data legislation

7. Data Import & Export

CSV and other formats can be imported and exported easily from the database

8. Reporting & Analysis

Fully customized advanced search & reports within the database

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