Semi-exclusive Leads

High quality & industry exclusive

Semi-exclusive lead generation campaigns are the best option for businesses seeking a high-volume of leads with audience exclusivity. Like co-registration and sponsored leads, semi-exclusive leads are also the joint effort of multiple companies, but are only ever shared between 3 other businesses operating in entirely different verticals or industries to eliminate the competition around a potential sale.

48-hour first lead delivery guarantee

Lead quality
low high
Lead quantity
low high
Lead exclusivity
low high
Pre-expressed interest
low high
Cost per lead
low high

Our partners

Semi-exclusive leads are primarily generated through price comparison sites, and we’ve teamed up with some of the leading platforms within our focused verticals to deliver this as a partnered service. Here are just a few companies we work with to ensure the most consistent and optimal results for our clients.

Semi-exclusive Leads explained:

How it works

Our promise

Legitimate & verified leads

All data is validated and cleansed for authenticity and immediate use

Fully compliant

Well-versed and fully GDPR compliant with ethical data security and handling

Industry certified

Registered with all relevant accredited and regulatory institutions (ADMA, ICO, IAB, DDMA)

Legal team

Dedicated in-house team for legal and policy-related counsel

48-hour first lead delivery guarantee

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