03.07.2022 - Molly Zonneveld

Price comparison websites: great for consumers, better for your business

The rising consumer trend worth tapping into 

Price comparison websites might be relatively new on the scene, but they’re quickly making their mark as a consumer phenomenon here to stay. Around the world, many businesses are tapping into price comparison sites’ ability to generate high-volume, quality leads at a relatively low cost for their business. Read on for why you should consider doing the same.

How do price comparison websites work?

At AffilyAds, we work with multiple service providers to collect pricing and information about their individual services and plans. We then add these to a price comparison website, which amalgamates and displays all information in a single place. This allows customers to easily compare all and choose the plan that works best for them in a way that is convenient, digestible and thorough. Increasingly used by providers of broadband, energy, travel and financial services, these websites help consumers make more informed decisions about the product or service they’re purchasing without the hassle and time commitment of contacting each individual provider.

Need help convincing your colleagues that price comparison websites are a strong lead generation source for your business? We’ve compiled three key consumer benefits below to help your case.

1- Comparison sites save consumers money

The primary reason people use price comparison websites is that they allow users to find the best deal by instantly comparing hundreds of quotes from different providers. If a consumer is comparing a service like broadband plans, they can also easily compare different features and ensure they are only paying for what they actually need. For businesses offering price-competitive products or services, this makes these sites a great platform for exposure and conversion of quality, highly engaged leads.

2 – Comparison sites save consumers time

We all know that finding the best price when looking into a new product or service can be very time consuming. In a world that moves increasingly quickly, very few of us have the time to visit each provider’s website, wait for a quote and call customer support with any additional questions. Price comparison sites gather all this information together in one place, allowing customers to view hundreds of options and reviews for complete assurance on any purchase decisions.

3 – Comparison sites offer consumers a wider range of choices

Another great consumer benefit of price comparison sites is the range of service providers showcased. Many trend reports show an increased consumer interest in new and emerging businesses, and price comparison sites provide a platform for these new and lesser-known providers to gain exposure alongside their more established competitors. With duality of appeal, these sites allow both large, price-competitive businesses and feature or service-driven start-ups to connect with the best customers for their business.

As online shopping behaviours increase at unprecedented rates, so does the popularity and use of price comparison platforms. While many companies avoid price comparison sites to steer clear of potentially negative higher-than-competitor cost exposure, they are undisputable audience-magnets and hugely effective in expanding e-commerce business distribution. Like with automated search engines or social media networks, the more a company is visible, the more leads it will generate and the more business it will inevitably receive.

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