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Lead Generation for Sustainability

TOMS is a global shoe company with a vision: for every pair of shoes that is purchased, a child in a developing country receives shoes as well.

Continuance and stable growth is needed to secure their corporate and social goals. Hence, TOMS came to AffilyAds with the question: How can we sell more shoes via online lead generation campaigns?

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Competition in the footwear market is one of the reasons that TOMS requires AffillyAds help. The main goal for TOMS is to increase their database of newsletter subscribers that would get acquainted with the TOMS brand and eventually converted to loyal TOMS wearers.


In order to accomplish their goal of increasing their database of newsletter subscribers, TOMS offered potential customers a 15% discount on their full sunglasses, bags and shoe collections. As TOMS knew from their customer bases that females were more likely to purchase TOMS shoes, targeting was limited to females only.

AffilyAds has generated over unique 12.255 leads to TOMS. Each month, new interested consumers are added. The responsiveness has been a success leading t0 12.255 delivered new leads,  with an open rate of 67.9% (8321) and a Click Rate of 24.1% resulting in 2005 unique and highly interested shopping consumers per month. From these 2005 consumers 3,9% converts into a sale, resulting in our online leads generating 78 new sales per month.

An amazing result, any new customer helps TOMS to make the world a better place!