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BlueINC Group is an independently owned Australian financial services group located in Sydney, which is active in the New Zealand market with their brand Momentum Life. It’s one of the leading insurance groups in the national direct life insurance market.

Momentum Life and AffilyAds combined forces to let Kiwi’s prepare for the unexpected. Offering Life and Funeral insurances, their product serves the full population. Gaining new customers was done most effectively via phone and most of their current leads were already generated via search engines, their own website, radio and tv and cold calling.

We created two exclusive lead generation campaigns for BlueInc. One for each of their premium services. During a test it was found that their life and funeral insurance offer worked for both genders over 45 years of age, homeowners, living in suburban areas in Australia with higher net average than usual.
Instead of focusing on search traffic, AffilyAds’s content and media team sat down and came up with a thorough content strategy via native advertising, social media and premium display.

BlueInc’s consumer database expands with 4000 AffilyAds leads per service per month, of which more then 95% is being contacted successfully with a conversion ration of 14%. Resulting in 532 new clients per month, allowing Momentum Life to fully focus on providing their new customers with the best service possible rather than worrying about generating leads for their acquisition sales team.

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