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AffilyAds and iPrimus work together since 2017 to ensure all of iPrimus’s services are continuously on offer to potential clients. As the broad population may be in need of iPrimus’s services, since their  re-branding they want to alter their audience. AffilyAds ensures a continuous volume of quality leads to serve their goals, by tapping into a new, responsive, more niche audience.

iPrimus’s diverse service portfolio requires different approaches towards their customers. In order to truly qualify interest in a certain service area, five different Campaigns (Exclusive Price Comparison, Co-Registration, Online Lead Generation, Email- and SMS Marketing) are launched simultaneously, to identify consumers needs for their different product ranges within several target regions.

AffilyAds delivers to iPrimus per month over 20.000 consumer leads on an ongoing basis, in total for all services that they require. The contact ratio is around 92% of all leads called, re-targeted, texted and emailed resulting in 53% (9752 customers) requesting a quote. With a conversion ratio of 19.3%, the campaign is resulting in 1882 new sales per month. iPrimus their customer acquisition team is in this manner always secured of new online leads on a monthly basis which is sustainable, continuous and predictable.

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