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Virgin Money is one of UK’s leading Financial Services providers, offering a full range of financial products to consumers such as creditcards, loans and mortgages.

Thanks to the rapid adoption of Online Lead Generation practices, Virgin Money is one of the fastest growing financial services providers in the UK. With more than 2,750,000 customers in the UK alone, Virgin Money needs reliable leads to maintain and grow its market share at a competitive cost per acquisition.

AffilyAds created and launched several exclusive lead generation campaigns for Virgin Money’s different products to generate leads. We use A/B testing to determine which sources yield the highest conversion rates and lowest CPA, then retarget the campaign accordingly to new and more narrow audiences, with precise segmentation based on what content the users will be targeted with.

AffilyAds leads are proving successful in boosting contact rates (82%) and sales (up with 25%) for Virgin Money. With testing and optimization, we’ve achieved conversion rates of 11.8% on the leads they manage to contact. In terms of CPA, our leads come in 22% below target.

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